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‘Conversion therapy’ was at the center of the media frenzy that began this week after an interview with Education Minister Rabbi Rafi Peretz. In response to his interviewer’s question, he responded that he was in favour of therapies for youth that request help with the issue. Those with an interest exploited his remarks to drive the media storm, for electoral purposes. We asked Eliyahu Ackerman, educational psychologist, therapeutic expert and head of the B’kdusha organization to explain the issues that were referenced this week in the media.
What should we be talking about with teenagers? How should we speak with them? The culture around us is permissive, and has no notion of “Who is mighty? One who conquers their impulse to evil” (Avot 4:1). Many youths hold secrets, even live a double life, and feel terrible about it, because parents and teachers didn’t have important conversations with them and no one provided them with the educational tools for this.
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