Eliyahu Ackerman

Head of the Center, Educational Psychologist

Owner of a private clinic. Has gained many years of experience of individual, couples’ and family therapy and in the field of management. An expert in treatment of situations of stress and crisis, in trauma including sexual trauma, and in treating both victims and perpetrators of sexual assault. Has many years’. Lecturer of psychological courses in various colleges.

Elazar Ansbacher


Has worked in Torah education and psychology in various capacities over several years. Has experience in managing business and social initiatives.

Doctor Miriam Boar

M.D. Expert in Gynecology

Women’s doctor and expert in psychosomatic gynecology, sexologist and expert in treatment of couples.

Dr. Chana Katan

Gynecologist, author and lecturer

Senior doctor and member of the halakhic council for approving fertility treatments at the Sha’arei Tzedek Medical Center. Expert in women’s medicine and midwifery, with sub-specialization in hormonal disruptions of fertility, gynaecology of adolescents, and medical advice according to halakha.

Dr. Elchanan Brown

Expert doctor, gynecologist and sex-couples’ therapist

Expert in birth and gynecology, male fertility and sex and couples’ therapy, lecturer at Bar Ilan in various capacities, and manager of the Tando clinic for research and sex-couples’ therapy.

Therapists and professionals

Yosef Atya

Expert educational psychologist

Many years of clinical experience in therapy for individuals, couples and families, and in guidance and counselling. Expert in therapy to treat sexual assault. One of the founders and organizers of the field of therapy after sexual assaults in Modiin Ilit.

The Educational Wing – “Root and Branch”

R. Baruch Yitzchak Winter

Co-ordinator for the charedi sector

Rabbanit Dr. Shulamit Ben Shaya

Head of the women’s department of the educational wing

PhD, halakhic advisor, organizer of courses for preparing brides, lecturer, group moderator, organizes and runs continuing education programs on issues of education on issues of modesty, and education for family life.

Rabbi Eli Sheinfeld

Head of the men’s department of the educational wing

Lecturer and counsellor on education for adolescents and a pedagogic instructor for teachers, with a master’s degree in Jewish studies. Expert in educational issues of adolescence, he wrote two books, the first for youth “The inclination, the heart and the person” and the second for parents “My son is growing up”.

Yehoshua Ansbacher

Education co-ordinator


Natan Bar

Receiving requests and guiding to treatment

Itai Hilel

Guidance to treatment

Treatment guide and leader of workshops on sexual health and conversation with adults, Ram and Rabbi of the boarding school in the “Nachalim” Yeshiva High School. Holds a teaching qualification

Yoni Neumann

Co-ordinator and guidance to treatment

Sexual and relationship counselling using the “one brain” technique and personal trust.

Rabbis of the institute

Rabbi Yaakov Ariel

Chief Rabbi of Ramat Gan

Rabbi Yaakov Ariel is one of the most important poskim and Rabbis of Religious Zionism, and is the president of the Hesder Yeshiva of Ramat Gan and of the Chotam organization. Between 1990 and 2017 he served as the Chief Rabbi of Ramat Gan and as the head of the Beit Din for monetary cases in the city.

Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu

Chief Rabbi of Tzfat

Member of the Chief Rabbinate Council and sits on the Chief Rabbinate’s boards for mikvaot and national Kashrut.

Rabbi Menachem Burstein

Head of the Pu’ah Institute

Head of the Pu’ah Institute for fertility and medicine according to halakha in Jerusalem, Rabbi in Yeshivat “Merkaz Harav” and in other institutions and author of many books. Rabbi Burstein is a member of councils in the Health and Education ministries. In his service in the IDF reserves he lectures on behalf of the military Rabbinate.

Rabbi Yosef Tzvi Rimon

Rabbi of the Alon Shvut South neighborhood

President of the non-profit “Sulamot” (formerly the “Halakha Education Center”) and the chairman of the non-profit “La’Ofek” (formerly “JobKatif”). He is the campus Rabbi of the Lev Academic Center.

Rabbi Eliyahu Eitan

Marriage advisor and certified mediator

Rabbi of the ‘Yachad’ Garin in Beit Shemesh and also serves as a Rabbi who responds to queries for the Pu’ah Institute.

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