Education and therapy for family life: adolescence, relationships, safety, guidance for parents, sexual health and intimacy

Course of Human Sexuality bekdusha opens these days

Courses and Workshops
Individual, couple and family therapy

R. Baruch Yitzchak Winter

Co-ordinator for the charedi sector

Rabbi Eliyahu Eitan

Marriage advisor and certified mediator

Omri Hyman

Clinical social worker

Rabbi Eli Sheinfeld

Head of the men’s department of the educational wing

Doctor Miriam Boar

M.D. Expert in Gynecology

Dr. Chana Katan

Gynecologist, author and lecturer

Dr. Elchanan Brown

Expert doctor, gynecologist and sex-couples’ therapist

Vered Varkar

Mind-body therapist and educator for sexual health

Rabbanit Dr. Shulamit Ben Shaya

Head of the women’s department of the educational wing

Elazar Ansbacher


Eliyahu Ackerman

Head of the Center, Educational Psychologist

Itai Hilel

Guidance to treatment

Rabbi Yosef Tzvi Rimon

Rabbi of the Alon Shvut South neighborhood

Natan Bar

Receiving requests and guiding to treatment

Rabbi Menachem Burstein

Head of the Pu’ah Institute

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