Education and therapy for family life: adolescence, relationships, safety, guidance for parents, sexual health and intimacy

BeKedusha initiates and organizes important professional conferences dealing with a variety of subjects ranging from Education Towards Healthy Sexuality, Conversations About Sexuality, Religious Psychological Services, Halachic and Ethical Issues in Treatment, Conversion Therapy, The Approach to Sexuality in Religious Schools, and more. Our particpants include top Rabbis, physicians, therapists, legal experts, and other experts from various fields. Read More.האם ניתן לשנות נטייה מינית? התמודדות מערכת החינוך הדתית עם התחום המיני, בכנסים משתתפים טובי הרבנים, המטפלים, המשפטנים והמומחים בתחומים השונים.
We believe that an open, modest, and non-pathologizing dialogue are essential parts of an effective and healthy approach to adolescence and adolescents. In a generation where everything is available to all from ever younger ages, it is every parent's and teacher's right and obligation to have clear, pleasant, open, and spirit-minded conversations with children and teens about development and sexuality.
מרכז בקדושה מקיים סדנאות לצוות החינוכי בבתי ספר ישיבות אולפנות מכינות ומדרשות, סדנאות בקהילה להורים למתבגרים להורים צעירים ולנוער.
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Courses and Workshops
Individual, couple and family therapy

R. Baruch Yitzchak Winter

Co-ordinator for the charedi sector

Rabbi Eliyahu Eitan

Marriage advisor and certified mediator

Rabbi Eli Sheinfeld

Head of the men’s department of the educational wing

Doctor Miriam Boar

M.D. Expert in Gynecology

Dr. Chana Katan

Gynecologist, author and lecturer

Dr. Elchanan Brown

Expert doctor, gynecologist and sex-couples’ therapist

Rabbanit Dr. Shulamit Ben Shaya

Head of the women’s department of the educational wing

Elazar Ansbacher


Eliyahu Ackerman

Head of the Center, Educational Psychologist

Itai Hilel

Guidance to treatment

Rabbi Yosef Tzvi Rimon

Rabbi of the Alon Shvut South neighborhood

Natan Bar

Receiving requests and guiding to treatment

Rabbi Menachem Burstein

Head of the Pu’ah Institute

Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu

Chief Rabbi of Tzfat

Rabbi Yaakov Ariel

Chief Rabbi of Ramat Gan

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